Hello All! 

Welcome and thank you for being here.

My name is Lauren, Lolo, and at times, Lo. 

I am a woman of love. 


I am a traveler. I seek mountains, I seek the sea.


I am a plant lover. Potion Maker. 


I aM weaving my web...

Thank you for letting me share my offerings with you.


My favorite teas / infusions ( currently):

Morning- Lavender Earl Grey with steamed Oat Milk 

Afternoon- It's getting hot..! The Siesta Sunset (iced) . Cools me down, Keeps my immune system up, and so refreshing. 

Night- Counting stars with steamed oat milk and a touch of homemade lavender syrup! 


Where does my herbal story begin..?

I couldn’t tell you a place, time, or exact date that my love for brewing and blending began. Yet, I can tell you, as a child I found comfort in the woods. In spice and herb shops.  In Kitchen stores.  I always dreamed up backyard potions made of mud, in my makeshift cauldron.


While attending high school, I was blessed to be part of a work/study for a local yoga and dance studio.

In 2014, I would go on to graduate from Heartwood Yoga Institute and I am currently enrolled to revisit the program again in Fall 2020. I am very excited to have the opportunity to refresh ..

With my invested interest in yoga, all things herbal, local, and natural followed suite. I was working  at a local tea shop, part time an organic farm, and teaching yoga! 

I feel that is when I started diving deeper into the herb world. Reading, Researching, and reading some more.. I became immersed in studying and educating myself on all things herbal.

In 2016, I was called to venture into the mountains. I journeyed  up to Black Mountain, NC and attended the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. After attending the conference, I decided to spend more time primitive camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My favorite mountain range..

Just me, my tent, and my new herb books. I rose at dawn with a pot of tea over the fire. Digesting, throughout the day, the knowledge and inspiration dancing through me..

In that moment, is what lead me to really starting brewing.


Shortly after the conference, I met my now husband. Whom has empowered me and supported me throughout this journey.

We felt called back to the open road and we traveled 4 years hand in hand.

We spent 3 lovely summers in Alaska. While in Alaska, I would practice wild plant identification.

I would stumble upon fields of yarrow, devils club, wild rose. Needless to say I was a happy little herbalist with a bunch of new tinctures in my medicine cabinet!

Now, Here I am, currently, back in Florida.

I continue my herbal education through books, extensive research, more books, workshops, conferences, online seminars, and more books.

My vision of an apothecary has now manifested into The Urban Blossom.

A blend of teas, herbal infusions, tinctures, and more.

It is my passion.

It is my continuous education,

And I am so honored to be able to share that with you.

With love, Lauren

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